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Early signs of autism

As a rule, autism does not manifest itself in outward appearance, and full attention should be paid to suspicious signs that deviate from the norm,
in the communicative - social and behavioral fields.

Early diagnosis of autism is of great importance and may affect the child's full developmental potential.
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA indicates a number of preliminary signs that require investigation if they will be presented by the child/person:
Hands on Slime


If up to 12 months the child does not respond to his name.
If up to 14 months the child does not point to an object to express interest.
If up to 18 months the child does not play pretend games.
Avoids eye contact and prefers to be alone.
Has difficulty understanding the feelings of others or talking about their feelings.
Shows language delay and delay in language skills.
Repetition of words or phrases (echolia).
Answers answers that are not related to the topic of the question.
Difficulty accepting changes, even if they are small.
Expresses an obsessive interest in certain things.
Performs repetitive movements such as waving hands or spinning in circles.
Reacts in an unusual way to sounds, smells, tastes, sensations and the sight of things.
*The list lists the most common preliminary signs, there may be additional signs.
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