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מרכז טיפול באוטיזם

Bishvil HaKochav

A Treatment center for children with autism 
promoting accessibility to the most advanced and current treatments


We use evidence based methods in a veriaty of child development areas: language, communication, playing, independence, cognition, gross and fine motor skills

We provide parents with treatments for their children, parental guidance, couples and family counseling, weaning programs, behavior disorders treatment, and pediatric pelvic floor physical therapy

,The head of the center is Motti Morgan, a certified level III (PRT) therapist

,for the Koegel institution of Autism  
.Stanford University 

קליניקה לטיפול באוטיזם בבאר שבע
מוטי מורגן מטפל באוטיזם
קליניקה לטיפול באוטיזם באור עקיבא
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