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The Center

מוטי מורגן אוטיזם

Bishvil Ha-Kochav center was opened out of a sense of mission and desire to develop treatment of autistic children in Israel and to bring it to the most advanced level possible.
In the last decade we have been using P.R.T, an evidence based advanced treatment method with which we have had the privilege to accompany many parents starting from the diagnosis stage and leading to the fulfillment of the child's developmental potential.
Along side the considerable emotional difficulties accompanying the process, we try, together, to find the best way for the parents and child, to manage, adjust and advance.


The treatment methods used in the center are only evidence based treatments
which were proven highly effective in promoting the children.
We make sure to be updated in current research and treatments of autism
in order to provide the children with the best treatments.
We participate in international conferences such as the yearly conference of the Koegel Institution for Autism in Stanford University, the INSAR convention which brings together
the best of international researches on autism. 
We also take part in updated courses on autism treatments such as PACT, ESDM, JASPER.
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