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Bishvil HaKochav center aspires to make evidence based treatments, scientifically tested with proven efficiency treating children with ASD accessible in Israel.
First Grader


Bishvil HaKochav center holds exposure and familiarization workshops with the PRT both for the benefit of parents and for the benefit of professionals. Can be done online (Zoom) or in person.
Workshops for parents:
A. theoretical part. In this section, a brief overview of the method, its main principles, demonstration of the principles based on patient videos and tutorials on applying the principles at home is given.
B. Demonstration in the presence (with the consent of the parents) of the principles of the method in the integration of the child.
Workshops for professionals:
Workshops for professionals are built from an in-depth theoretical part, including an updated literature review on evidence-based treatments in autism. Explain the principles of the PRT method, demonstration by videos.
In another part, a workshop demonstration on the application of the principles is also given.
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