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Motti Morgan - Founder 

,Dear parents

My name is Motti Morgan,
I am married and a father of four children, founder and manager of "Bishvil HaKochav" center.

I am a certified PRT therapist from the Koegel Center of Autism in Stanford University, M.ed in special education with a specialty in Autism and a senior physical therapist and a graduate with excellence of the Tel Aviv University.
To me there is no greater sense of responsibility and mission than the trust of parent when treating their most precious children.

This sense is what constantly leads me in my professional way as it is my duty towards the parents who put their faith and trust in me.
מוטי מורגן

In my opinion, there is no greater sense of responsibility and mission than parents who trust you to take care of their loved ones.

This feeling continues to lead me all the time in my professional path as my duty towards the parents who put their trust in me.

At the beginning of my journey in treating autism, I was exposed to a number of common treatment methods in Israel,
some behavioral methods and some more emotional.
My initial introduction to the field was with a behavioral
method that I experienced as rigid and artificial.
It seemed that the children I worked with were unmotivated and unhappy.

Later, a window opened for me to a more emotional approach, which, although it gave more importance to the child's wishes and it was clear that the child was happier with it, on the other hand, there was no adherence to important learning principles,
Orderly and systematic follow-up of the child and it lacked established research information.

מוטי וירדן בועות

After being exposed to many treatment methods, I felt a moral and professional obligation to research and look for other, more recent, tested treatment methods that have a solid and extensive research base.
Methods that have proven superior in promoting children with autism.
I was looking for methods that would meet the needs of the parents, for treatment from the moment of diagnosis, research-based methods whose effectiveness has been proven in the treatment of children. In addition, I wanted to find a way to combine the professional treatment with the parental need to understand the child's difficulty and to be in a place to provide the appropriate solutions.


מוטי וירדן


link to the worldwide list of certified people in the PRT method, of the KOEGEL Center for Autism, you can find me, under certified people from Israel, under the name Motti Morgan
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