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Bishvil HaKochav center aspires to make evidence based treatments, scientifically tested with proven efficiency treating children with ASD accessible in Israel. 
First Grader

Online parent training

The center allows online training combined with face-to-face meetings customized for the family.
The online treatment procedure:

A. Theory sessions

The first two meetings are for the benefit of making the theory behind the PRT method accessible. 


The sessions are accompanied by videos from various treatments that demonstrate the basic principles, the duration of each session is about an hour.

In the future, you can also add additional caregivers of the child, so we can create a common language between all the caregivers.

B. Transfer videos

After the theoretical sessions, the parents will be asked to send a number of *short videos.


In these videos, the parents will try to apply the principles learned in the theory sessions, according to the guidance of the therapist.

In preparation for the next training, instructions will be sent in the most convenient way for parents.

* In order to maintain privacy, after analyzing the videos and providing feedback, the videos will be deleted.

C. Online meeting to provide feedback

After the analysis of the videos by the therapist, a meeting will be held with the parents, in which feedback will be given on the method of implementation and follow-up on the goals.

Points for improvement and preservation, providing instructions for further treatment.

D. Building a treatment strategy

After a number of online meetings and after receiving the situation picture from the parents, a comprehensive treatment plan will be built together for all areas of development:

Verbal and non-verbal communication, joint attention, imitation, cognition, social skills, play, independence (dressing, eating, hygiene, chores) and motor skills.

The goals will be measurable and flexible. When an assessment is performed, it is possible to know objectively whether the child has achieved the goal or not.

* There is no obstacle to combining frontal treatments at the same time based on considerations of the child's/parent's ability to apply the method, the child's progress, personal needs, etc.

E. Reassessment

The program is dynamic and flexible. Once a period of time the goals will be re-evaluated and examined.

If there are goals that have been achieved, they will be replaced by more advanced ones. If there are goals that have not been achieved, a rethinking and brainstorming is done, if necessary, formulate a new treatment strategy.

F. Continuous contact with the parents

The parents receive full support. There is an open, continuous and honest line between the therapist and the parents. 
Parents are invited to consult and ask the therapist questions in any field related to the child's advancement.
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